Swim Level: At least 500m



The Goodrington swim is very safe and protected from bad weather.I'ts easy to access by parking at the Goodrington beach carpark. A few minutes walk to the slipway to enter the swim with ease. There is a sandy bottom which makes it very inviting and soft on the feet. There is a reef in front of the premier inn where you swim above pretty rock formations and different types of seaweed.There are also triathlon buoys in the bay to make it easy to circumnavigate 1500 meters in the bay and to use the buoys as sighting buoys to help with navigation.We follow the coast and at mid to low tide we can hug the coast for newtimers for a confidence boost. We can swim as far as the white house on the cliff on the other side of Goodrington beach. A longer venture which is fun is to swim to broadsands (1 mile) and back. You pass armchair rock on the way with lots of sheltered coves to navigate between on the way.

About The Swim

  • Arrive 15 mins before swim at google mapped pinned venue.
  • Check disclaimers all received and consent forms signed.
  • You must disclose any medical information to your swim guide.
  • Get dressed in wetsuits etc. I tend to drive to the swim in my costume to save time and avoid bum flashes to all the locals.
  • Allocate pods to coach/lifeguard swimmer.
  • Safety brief and swim brief
  • Enter water if first time we will stay at your pace and depth according to your comfort zone (you must be able to swim 500m with ease in a pool.)
  • There will be regular stops to regroup.
  • Return to shore exit water 20mins before the hour is up
  • Get changed and warm and have tea and cake.

What's Included

  • A warm drink and cake will be provided at the end of the session unless COVID restrictions apply.
  • We will supply tow floats.

What to bring

  • A warm drink and cake will be provided at the end of the session unless COVID restrictions apply.
  • We will supply tow floats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Standard swims are £50 per hour this includes, local knowledge of swim spots,( All our guides are local and have been swimming long and short distances for years) guiding, some coaching tips if you like, float use and post-swim refreshments.

When are the swims?

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday mornings starting at 10am from the first week in July. Our times and slots are posted on the book a swim calendar. These will vary and may include more daytime and evening slots as the weather progresses over summer. Last swims will be in October. Swims will last an 45 mins to 60mins unless otherwise stated.

What happens if I panic, is it safe?

As a Consultant medical professional me and my team have much experience calming people down if you did panic. We will stay with you and if needs be we will swim you back. If you are with a group for the first time you can request extra support with an SUP. We are trained to get you back to shore safely by Coast To Coast Water Safety.

How many people do you take?

4 per wild swimmer coach and lifeguard.

Upcoming swims