You must be able to swim at least 500m comfortably

Ansteys Cove


Ansteys swim is a spectacular swim around the bay which is just over a kilometer. The rock fomrtion are truly spectacular with limestone formations and the jagged Long Quarry point. Park at the top of Ansteys on Ansteys Cove road and descend the path down to the little rocky beach which is non existent at high springs tide. The swim hugs the rocks to the right of the bay to the far rocky outcrop where you can sit quite happily for a rest after a few hundred meters. You can then cross the bay to the five knot buoy and tuck round the corner to find a cave which has the coral called deadmans fingers if you take a quick dive down. There are often seals in this bay, chasing the fishermans lines as they reall in a mackrel or seabass. As you swim towards redgate beach (which is now closed due to coastal erosion and rock falls) the limestone rock formations are beautifully reflected on a calm sunny day. The last leg finishes with a shallow swim actress the bay back to the little beach. The best swim for a beginner is Goodrington or Broadsands as it is tucked away from the prevailing wind, southwesterly, and you don't need to swim far away from the shore or even out of your depth. If you come swimming with us you will realise the wonders of the sea in the south devon coast that you probably would never witness unless you have the courage to put your goggles on and look under the surface. An experience you will not forget.

About The Swim

  • Arrive 15 mins before swim at google mapped pinned venue.
  • Check disclaimers all received and consent forms signed.
  • You must disclose any medical information to your swim guide.
  • Get dressed in wetsuits etc. I tend to drive to the swim in my costume to save time and avoid bum flashes to all the locals.
  • Allocate pods to coach/lifeguard swimmer.
  • Safety brief and swim brief
  • Enter water if first time we will stay at your pace and depth according to your comfort zone (you must be able to swim 500m with ease in a pool.)
  • There will be regular stops to regroup.
  • Return to shore exit water 20mins before the hour is up
  • Get changed and warm and have tea and cake.

What's Included

  • A warm drink and cake will be provided at the end of the session unless COVID restrictions apply.
  • We will supply tow floats.

What to bring

  • A warm drink and cake will be provided at the end of the session unless COVID restrictions apply.
  • We will supply tow floats.

Frequently Asked Questions

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